Allow 2-2.5 hours for your first appointment.

TIP: If you have lash extensions on currently, please let us know so we can schedule additional time for a lash removal service.

Avoid caffeine before your appointment, as it can make it difficult to lie still during the application process.

When walking into H. Esthetics you will be welcomed by one of the lash artists. They will ask you to fill out some paperwork. Once The paperwork is complete, your lash artist will come get you.

When going into the eyelash space they will ask you what style you are wanting. If you would like to provide inspirational photos to help your artist achieve your customize look, this is when you can do so. Your lashes will then be washed and prepped for your new custom eyelash extensions. 

After you get your lashes done, you want to keep them dry for the next 24-48 hours. Brush your lashes with your wand to keep them in order as needed. Your lashes naturally shed every 4-6 weeks so it is important to maintain your lashes by getting a refill every 2-3 weeks. 

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Remove all eye makeup. Avoid using sunscreen or moisturizers. Don't curl your lashes. Do not wear mascara to your lash appointment.

TIP: Try not to use waterproof mascara 2-3 days prior to your appointment, since it can leave a residue that can prevent extensions from adhering correctly.

Wear glasses or remove your contact lenses prior to your application.

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